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Selenium Webdriver - Launching various browsers

Selenium Webdriver is popularly used Test Automation Package. We can use various IDE to actually import this package and automate web applications. In this post i have given the code to launch 3 different browsers using Eclipse IDE : Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox (Default of Selenium Webdriver). 231 more words

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SOAP UI - Test Execution Log Files

I will be continuing this post from http://testautomationqtp.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/soap-ui-parametirization-using-groovy-script/.

In this post, i have added steps to generate log files while execution. It will create a logfile with today’s date and write all the iterations of responses and requests along with the time stamps in that given day. 888 more words

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[Code Snippet] OS detect với PHP

Bắt đầu với bài viết đầu tiên tôi sẽ giới thiệu với các bạn một đoạn snippet nhỏ mà tôi vẫn dùng cho các ứng dụng web của mình đó là kiểm tra xem hệ điều hành hiện tại của server có phải là Linux hay là Windows. 123 more words

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Broken Links Validation with HP QTP

Broken links in a web page or inappropriate response of a webpage (Anything apart from 200 OK) can be captured using the following code. I have assumed that there is an excel sheet with the list of URL’s to be validated. 148 more words


Webmatrix Asp.net Razor Email Contact Form Example

Hi everyone,

When I have the time I am going to endeavour to share some of the basic code and techniques featured on the bigint.co.uk… 5,158 more words

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Passing values and parameters to template file using XML and ShortCode from Magento Admin

At times there is a need to pass some parameters to template file in Magento. Some of the conditions are as follow:

1) Category Id is needed to be passed to display all the products of that particular category… 316 more words