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Beyonce ft. Drake - Mine | Cocktail of madness Weekly class @ Naim Studio

Every saturday night at Studio Naim, Tel Aviv – Hip hop class by Cocktail of Madness כל שבת בסטודיו נעים בתל אביב ,שיעור היפהופ פתוח עם חברי קוקטייל אוף מדנס… … 38 more words

My Mai Tai Moment

When words trip, skip and slip all over the countryside, you just know that you’re high on alcoholic Mai Tai’s.


Three of My Favorite Summer Cocktails

Yo. It’s hot. So. We. Need. A. Drink.

#1 The Classic Gin and Tonic

1 part Gin- I am a sucker for Farmer’s Gin, it’s organic and it’s for farmers, both of those fit my criteria… 214 more words


From Vicki's Bar: Watermelon Mojito

At around 4PM today, the usual end-of-the-weekend malaise set in.  To cheer myself up, I decided to mix up a drink.  Determined to continue Watermelon Weekend, I pureed a few cups of watermelon in the blender, poured them into ice cube trays, and popped them in the freezer to use in future cocktails (recipe coming soon).  158 more words


[Journal] Thoughts on employment

My toe is healing really well. Thankfully I finished the course of antibiotics this morning so I’m feeling less violently ill and can hold down mostly solid food. 585 more words

Labor Day Party Punch

Boulevardier Swizzle
By Naran Young
Combine all ingredients into a punch bowl and stir. Slice two large oranges into half wheels and add to the top of the punch. 52 more words

Dapper Drinks