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Ideas that add up #93

In a chapter titled “Mexicoke”, Boseley paints a bleak picture of the role the company plays in Mexico’s status as the world’s most obese nation: …Seventy percent of Mexican women are now overweight or obese. 268 more words


Coke Life is the harbinger of death for Coca-Cola

Coke Life is the harbinger of death for Coca-Cola

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Coca-Cola’s new product, Coke Life, which launched last week, looks like a dud.


September 2, 2001: H2NO Coca Cola Campaign

September 2, 2001:  An article published in the New York Times on this date reported on the H2NO campaign by Coca-Cola.  H2NO refers to a effort by Coca-Cola to dissuade consumers from ordering tap water drinks at restaurants, and to instead order more profitable soft drinks, non-carbonated beverages, or bottled water. 48 more words


Insight to Coca Cola's 'Open Happiness' Campaign

One campaign that intensified ‘brand image’ is Coca Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’, which was conducted in 2009. This campaign came at a time when people were very conscious of their spending habits due to the Global Financial Crisis. 196 more words


Who wants a piece of the 'Personalisation Pie'?

Personalisation is no longer a choice, it has become an expectant and requirement within the realms of marketing.

It has come on leaps and bounds since the days you used to return to a website and being thrown phrases like ‘Good to see you back  464 more words


Couple Allegedly Find A bizarre Spider Inside Coca Cola Bottle

Recently a couple has reported to allegedly finding a spider in their 2 Liter of Coca Cola. There has been claims in the past about bizarre findings in their soda, but you might reconsider drinking Soda all together once you see the size of that spider. 133 more words


Ten Criminal Companies, Social Menace

The Corporate Mantra is Profit, not people.

Man is secondary, humanitarianism takes a second seat to Business.

There is this oft-repeated saying in the business circles, 880 more words

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