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Graphical Manipulations #98: Terror Australis, Transport, Frogs, Rat, Monkeys, UStralia & Clowns!

Perhaps it’s a severe case of paranoia, but I have this uncomfortable feeling that, while there is a very real cause for concern with the latest rise in extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, the response by Abbott, his Lieberals and their Neutered Puppies, is raucous, overhyped, over the top, and designed to push through legislative changes which provide the government with the capability to further increase unwarranted surveillance of the populace and legislatively restrict the freedoms of every Australian!  526 more words

Grandma`s footsteps

What`s the time Mr Wolf?

Suffused with a comforting aroma of lavender and loose leaf tea, my dear old and now long gone Grandma was as kind and loving and gentle and as reassuring as only Grandmas can be. 912 more words


Low-paid Britain: 'People have had enough. It's soul destroying'

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Yes, they have jobs … but the five people featured below are typical of millions who have no security, no holiday or sick pay, limited hours, and no dignity at work! 2,325 more words

Never Forget, It Is David Cameron Who Is Ultimately To Blame For Welfare Reform Deaths

Understandably much of the rage aginst the vicious welfare reforms –  which are costing an increasing number of lives – has been aimed at blundering fucking idiot Iain Duncan Smith. 549 more words


Resilience, the Black child and the coalition government

University of Roehampton

In a climate of austerity and radical change in education, I am concerned about the challenges faced by Black parents to find ways to achieve the best educational outcomes for their children in an ever selective and competitive educational environment. 984 more words

Race Ethnicity And Education SIG

Lesbian lizards from space

It is surprising how quickly the world returns to normal after a week or so away and once the front door has been forced open against the pile of correspondence and once the countless emails have been ignored, it is almost as if the holiday never actually happened. 539 more words


Graphical Manipulations #97: Pillocks, Sums, M.I.A, Rattery, And Team Australia!

Propaganda:  In general, a message designed to persuade its intended audience to think and behave in a certain manner.  Thus advertising is commercial propaganda.  In specific terms, institutionalized and systematic spreading of information and/or disinformation, usually to promote a narrow political or religious viewpoint.   563 more words