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Herod the Great: Part III

40 BC had started out as very bad year for Herod.  First, the Parthians had seen that Rome, and in particular, Marcus Antonius, who was dallying with Cleopatra, were paying little attention to the affairs of Judea.  644 more words


spotlight: Layon Gray

hep.beat.zine’s second spotlight is on Layon Gray: a writer, director, and producer based in New York. Espii sat with him to learn more about him and projects he’s been working on. 1,371 more words


Cleopatra's Contemplation

In 30 BC, a distressed Cleopatra VII holds her pet cobra on her arm in nervous contemplation of the fate she will ultimately visit upon herself. 20 more words


Better than Fiction: Biographies with Kick

When faced with the life story of an accomplished person, more than a few people will make an excuse to read something else. Biographies have an undeserved reputation for being ponderous, even boring tomes that linger on minutae. 637 more words


Tug-O'-War For Cleopatra Statue

My late father, a history professor at DePaul University, would never have spoken the first words of this article. And a few other particulars of the story are less than accurate, but I am delighted to be able to archive the piece here. 352 more words

19th Century

Lady Patra | Iggy Azalea

langa: Quick question.
Responds the next day.
athy: Yeah.
langa: Was Cleopatra black?
athy: She was african.
langa: That literally makes no sense.
langa: African isn’t a race.

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Cleopatra Profile

So I converted my earlier Cleopatra sketchbook doodle into a digital artwork.

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to ink the lines digitally, and I believe it gave cleaner results than my usual method of inking with a pen. 7 more words