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Introducing the FOREO

You all know how much I love my Clarisonic. I swear by this buzzing beauty. I recently spent some bucks purchasing the replacement brush heads for the year. 114 more words


Re-inventing yourself and your craft

Every now and again, it’s important to stand still and take a look at how you are doing. Yes, really. Not only health-wise, but much, much broader and deeper. 905 more words

Look Into My Life

A time to Clear, Cleanse & Release

September is the onset of the new entering, actions need to occur, the action is the clearing, cleansing, releasing. Whether with your home, mind or body it’s time to lighten up and create a new path. 601 more words

Dandelion: A Holy Ward for Inner Work

Any witch worth her salt knows how to navigate the inner dark, how to take on the beasts within and emerge victorious. These periods of self-exploration, shadow work, and becoming are cornerstones of psychotransformation. 392 more words

Divine Encounters

Othersidepsychic, Soul Grabbers

There are souls that don’t want to pass when they died. They hang around or cling to a dearly loved one and in the process cause even more pain for the living. 246 more words

One Connection - Many Illnesses

What do allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, MS, depression, autoimmune illness, psoriasis, chronic fatigue and autism share? Inflammation is their common link. Inflammation is a quiet force behind just about every illness you can think of. 1,171 more words


Beauty Routine - A Girl's Ultimate Guide

Beauty Routine



- The three rules for a healthy mouth are
1- Brush every day (twice)
2- floss everyday
3- Visit the dentist regularly… 963 more words