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In the recent film “The Robot & Frank,” an elderly Dad, played by the fine actor Frank Langella, is slipping into dementia so his adult son and daughter debate how best to help him out: get him into an assisted care facility, says daughter. 737 more words

How Teachers Teach

Epic #edchatnz Reflection

Wow! What a week. Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the first ever #edchatnz conference organised by the amazing Danielle Myburgh and her extraordinary organising committee. 1,260 more words



“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving  of right answers.”

From the first day of class, it is vitally important that a teacher demonstrate that the environment will be one of exploration and explanation and NOT one of “right answers regurgitated.” Start each period with an exercise that you are absolutely sure 95% of the students can accomplish without your help. 759 more words

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Persistence in Math Teaching Patterns: Deja Vu All Over Again

Math instruction took another big hit recently. “Big” because the New York Times,  one of the top U.S. newspapers ran it as a cover story of its magazine section. 769 more words

How Teachers Teach

In This Class, We Are...

At the time that I am writing this, I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN MY CLASSROOM. It’s August 3rd, guys. I’m getting antsy. Anyway, if I have room, I want to have a display that says: “In P?, We Are…” (p? 273 more words

Classroom Practice

Behavior Management Strategy for 7th Grade

Here are my pre-school thoughts on the behavior management system I wish to implement with my 7th graders. It’s a mix of an idea I got from a veteran teacher and the program used at a summer camp I worked at. 391 more words

Classroom Practice

Learners in Context: M6 Reflection

Over the past few weeks we have had discussions about social and cultural influences on learning. Two discussions in particular stood out to me. The first was about how we as educators would be able to reconcile the requirements of standardized tests and student’s grades with Medina’s (2014) concern that focuses on these points that often override the joy of learning, curiosity, and discovery as goals in themselves.  687 more words

Learners In Context