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Mrs. Dalloway Discussion

SPOILER ALERT: You may not want to read this post if you haven’t already read this book and plan to do so!

Virginia Woolf is like a diamond in the rough. 1,309 more words

Book Club

The Moonstone Review

The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins

Before I went on holiday I posted about how I found my copy of The Moonstone in a charity shop and snapped it up immediately. 408 more words


The Truth about Tweens, as Told by Carson McCullers

The Member of the Wedding, by Carson McCullers

Tweens seem to rule the world these days. They can turn musicians into overnight sensations and average teenagers into international icons. 942 more words

The So-called Classics

Summer Reading

Throughout my high school English classes, I made certain never to seek the aid of SparkNotes—those best-selling laminated cheat sheets that explain classic works of literature in language teenagers can understand.  946 more words


Hello and welcome to Belle Lapin, a blog dedicated to all elegant and adorable! I will be discussing a variety of topics on this blog. From Victorian fashion, silent movies, classic literature to Baroque music, I will be covering it all. 91 more words

News And Updates

Daily Diversion #226: Chuck is a Literary Cat

No, that’s not a cat figurine! Chuck just has an unusual way of deciding which book to read next.


Why, Bless You, Googs!

If you have a Google account, you get a nifty Google Doodle for your birthday. Tuesday (Aug. 26) was my birthday, and narcissism shot to record levels when I saw this every time I went online: 235 more words