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Overnight Sticky Cinnamon Buns

Your family would quite likely fall in love with you all over again should you decide to get up at the crack of dawn to craft some home-baked love, fragrant and just-from-the-oven warm as soon as they awaken. 698 more words


RECIPE REVIEW: The Vegan 8 Baking Day {aka International 'Baking' Day}

So, it wasn’t actually International Baking Day. In fact, it was International Bacon Day, but my mom misunderstood me and the entire day thought it was International Baking Day. 823 more words


Southern Peach Cobbler

Ok folks- let’s make good use of these last peaches of the season!  The cobbler is the classic version from market buffets and grandma’s table.  Every little old lady (and young lady!) in the South has a version of this recipe, but the basic composition remains the same.   164 more words

Sweet Things

Gingerbread Muffins


You might not think to make gingerbread in the summer, but why not?  It’s delicious.  Sure I didn’t make a gingerbread house or gingerbread men and women, but I did make muffins.   129 more words


Gluten free quinoa porridge

Gluten free Quinoa porridge. Quinoa flakes, almond milk, cinnamon, all spices, coconut oil, mixed soaked seeds and blueberries. I used maple syrup to sweetener. #glutenfree, #porridge, #healthliving, #thehealthytree1, #vidalongaesaudavel, #120theory, #nutritive, #naturopathickitchen, #delicious, #functional


Spiced Apple Butter

My parents live on a property that has the remnants of an old orchard.  The apple trees are larger than ideal and you can tell that they have witnessed a lot of history but they still produce apples.   600 more words


☽ Nighttime Remedy ☾

So many nights I get into bed feeling restless and uneasy, as if no matter what I do I won’t be able to shut my brain (or my phone…) off long enough to drift to sleep. 53 more words