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A new video shows Chucky scaring unsuspecting people...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

The most notable villain in horror who lives within the confines of a 6 foot doll is serial killer Charles Lee Ray (a.k.a Chucky) in the ‘ 244 more words

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How to Ignore all the rules of survival in a horror film

Most of the scenarios are based around the events of Cabin in the Woods which I feel embodies perfectly the slasher film genre, but with some changes to incorporate other famous horror films. 3,230 more words

Leprechaun: Origins Review

Nostalgia is not what it used to be when it comes to consideration of Leprechaun: Origins, one of the oddest of all possible horror franchise reboots. 668 more words


Fun Fact: August 17th, 2014

The fun fact that I would like to share today is about one creepy, killer doll; I’m of course talking about Chucky, of the Child’s Play films! 49 more words


Curse of Chucky

Viewed – 16 August 2014  DVD

I gave up on this series a while back after the embarrassingly bad ‘Seed of Chucky’.  However having enjoyed most of the other movies, that being Childs Play 1-3 and the very entertaining Bride of Chucky … I was willing to give this a go, especially as I had heard it was a back to its routes entry.  247 more words



So Bloody-Disgusting.com put up a cool little article today (by Film.com) revealing just who rules them all in the history of horror rampages. Body Counts were tallied up for entire series/franchises and one came out victorious. 116 more words


Annabelle Movie Trailer - real haunted doll

There are 2 haunted dolls that are well known in the US. One is Robert from Key West and the other is Annabelle you might have seen in the movie The Conjuring. 40 more words