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Reflections on 15 Years Covering BC's School Wars

Vancouver Sun reporter Janet Steffenhagen was the BC education reporter for 15 years.

She witnessed some key moments and controversies, such as the passing of Bills 27 and 28 in 2002, which stripped teachers of the right to negotiate class size and composition during bargaining. 629 more words

BC Liberals line their own pockets with wads of money, but there is no money for teachers.

Christy Clark and her Liberal government always say there is no taxpayer money when bargaining with teachers or other unions, but always have wads of money to line their own pockets. 531 more words

WATCH: B.C. Premier does the ALS ice bucket challenge

B.C. Premier is the latest politician to take on the ice bucket challenge for ALS research.

Premier Christy Clark has been in PEI meeting with her counterparts Friday and while there, she and two others took an opportunity to take part in the viral ice bucket challenge. 135 more words


B.C. Premier Clark answers the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

B.C. premier Christy Clark wrapped up the Council of the Federations meetings in Charlottetown, PEI on Friday by having a bucket of ice water dumped on her head. 116 more words


Premiers conclude annual meeting, plan to open borders for wine trade

WATCH ABOVE: Canada’s premiers say they’re doing all they can for the country, but need more help from above. It’s not new that provincial leaders want cash from Ottawa, but they’re now working more in concert to get it.  357 more words


Saskatchewan, B.C. removing wine, craft spirits trade barriers

CHARLOTTETOWN – The premiers of Saskatchewan and British Columbia have agreed to lift barriers to allow the free trade of wine and crafts spirits between the two provinces. 266 more words