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His Sister's Soul

Another of my free-write exercises:


The corridor, all checkered tiles and lichen-eaten, crumbling brick walls, was overhung by mist and fog and darkness.

Worthers scanned both directions with eyes wide and wary. 238 more words

Christina Janz

Which Books Started You Reading?

I’m talking about the book or books that that made you really click into the whole reading thing.

My mother read to us. Originally I enjoyed Curious George, because he was as nosy as I was. 225 more words

Christina M Janz


The fortunate by-product of studying all one can about the craft of writing, is one begins to improve.

The unfortunate by-product is that now I can no longer enjoy my reading of others’ works as well as I once did. 467 more words


Tools of the Writing Trade

Just a big FYI, heads up I’ve added a new page to Tools and Inklings. It will help you with:

This page now stores several writers charts and lists with links to the original sites from which they are drawn. 63 more words

Thoughts On Writing.

"I Write Like..." Which Author?

A writer friend shared with me a link to “I Write Like.” You paste a section of your own writing into the text box and then it analyzes the writing to see which author’s works it most resembles. 168 more words


A Gowpen of English

Gowpen – A double handful

Here’s a dare for all you Writers. Use some of these in your manuscripts and turn your publishers inside out ;) The awful truth is if we do, they’ll ditch us. 683 more words

Christina Janz