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Prayer for Peace

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.” — Matthew 5:9

So much violence, conflict, and war in the news… I know I am not alone in this concern because at worship I hear prayers for peace. 398 more words


Journey Partners

My friends Becky and Jane are ministers who tend the souls of United Methodist clergy and others in Mississippi. They refer to the participants in their soul care for groups as “Journey Partners.” I find this a satisfying naming for what I have sought in my own life and within our contemplative communities. 844 more words

The Deep

by Kirk Spencer

I was multi-tasking in my backyard—digging and listening to the radio and thinking about my Bible study. I was thinking about the darkness on the deep and the Spirit of God there hovering; about how the ancients feared the deep (the ocean). 507 more words

Christian Life

"Guidance from Beyond" - a Sermon by the Reverend Faun Harriman

Thanks to the Reverend Faun Harriman, Rector of St. Albans, Burnaby and regional dean of Royal City / South Burnaby Deanery for this sermon on Paul’s challenge to us to renew our minds. 1,613 more words


Invitation: Read the Bible in a Year with Pastor Kris

An invitation from Pastor Kris:

I’ve always wanted to read the Bible from cover to cover. You might think that as a Pastor I have done this several times over. 393 more words


How We Have Tainted Purity

Purity. The word evokes a myriad of images and thoughts. For some, the word reminds them of cleanliness, bathing, abstaining from certain foods or actions. Ritualistically, purity often relates to how food is prepared, how one prepares herself for prayer or worship, and even how family members care for the dead. 2,053 more words

Christian Spirituality