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Look around your comfy house
Add up all your wealth
Does the total of your pile
Bring kudos to your health
Will it add another day… 66 more words


The Closer We Are to Jesus ~

The closer we are to Jesus,
the less likely we’ll fall into sin
the nearer we are to Him
the more power, we’ll have within. 135 more words

Christian Poetry

Faith Unlocked's Friday Haiku #32 - Stand in His Name

In times of trial -
Put on the armour of God
And stand in His Name


Prayer Panel 5


I am surrounded by

Your grace,

Your Spirit,

Your love.

For I am part of the vine, and

I am in You and You are in me. 7 more words



At the feast of Pentecost
They were gathered in one place
Just like Trowbridge recently
The wind it blew apace
The Holy Spirit had arrived… 92 more words




Standing in the hallway
There’s a knock upon the door
You hesitate then open it
Your mouth it hits the floor
For standing there is Jesus… 107 more words