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Jesus Is Not Mad Or Disappointed

Going through some of my older writings this morning I stumbled upon this dream:

He leaned over me gently and said, ‘Emily look and draw only what you see.’ 343 more words


Prayer Journal 11/26/2011

I want to thank God for His faithfulness, acceptance, love, and mercy toward me and bless His Holy name.

I will praise Him today that He forgives my sins and iniquities and even is able to turn what the enemy meant for my destruction into good. 137 more words


Labor Day - Celebrate a Job Well Done: The American Dream? Go Get a Job

As the daughter of a Union trucker and his hard working wife, who waited up to serve him dinner on a lap tray, I learned four basic rules of life: 1,092 more words

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You are What You Eat

“Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died.” John 6:49

When I was young I discovered peanut butter. Nectar of the gods. Like my Australian friends look at Veggie-Mite as mother’s milk, I saw peanut butter as the ultimate food. 618 more words

Author Jeffrey H King

On Growing Up

I remember emerging from the cinema after watching the Peter Pan movie with my family and our family friends. A little girl I knew leant over and whispered, ‘do you think he’s real? 423 more words

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Coming or Going?

There’s a quote I came across recently that has been sticking w/ me for some time now & I can’t shake it, ‘not sure who it’s attributed to but it’s good: 353 more words

Where are you going?

Scripture shows us that the plan of God for you was set into motion before you were born (Jeremiah 1:5). Can you accept this?

This is a very exciting fact. 781 more words