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Interconnectedness is the Secret Sauce to Success

Interconnectedness: the belief that all things are interdependent; that this begets that and influences the ultimate outcome by its intrinsic oneness.

The Stones are the Foundations of Success… 395 more words


Guilty or Innocent?

There’s a recurring dream I’ve had lately. In it, I stand alone dressed in white baseball pants stained with burnt-siennna colored dirt and lime-green grass streaks. 1,103 more words


My sore foot - Day 32, Blog 32

For the past two weeks I have been nursing a pain just above the ankle on the inner part of my left foot.  At the start of the run, it flares up and I acknowledge it with light steps until it eases into a throb, that disappears after five minutes of continuous running. 465 more words


Do you own your body and your life?

I want to tread carefully here not because I’m afraid of being controversial but because some of the things I will write can be easily misconstrued. 1,726 more words


The day after - Day 29, Blog 29

This morning I woke up to my old self and I immediately knew the answer to my down state.  It was about unresolved issues around a relationship. 155 more words


Child-birth (according to me)

My sister says that there’s something empowering about giving birth 100% naturally. She describes it as this sense of wonder that her body, HER body, is capable of enduring and surviving such incredible pain to bring forth another little human being. 316 more words

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