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China has more shale gas than any other country. But getting it out of the ground could be disastrous

The Middle Kingdom is thought to have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources, as well as the third-biggest supply of recoverable shale oil—more than 30 trillion cubic meters (1,115 trillion cubic feet) of shale gas—nearly twice what the US claims. 412 more words

An Actual Fight Over Democracy

by Jonah Shepp

China won't allow open elections in Hong Kong: on.mash.to/1rHO9ak http://t.co/OGK9KpKX7T
Mashable (@mashable) August 31, 2014

The crises in the Middle East and Ukraine are frequently described in ideological terms, as battles between freedom and tyranny, liberal democracy and illiberal authoritarianism.

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Unexpected Encounters 〜 Interesting Books!

The Chinese folks in my hometown, particularly the ones that I know, believe that we will find better products if we encounter them unintentionally.

I believe there is truth in it. 388 more words


These Budget Smartphones Sold Out in India in 4.2 Seconds

Online sales of budget smartphone maker Xiaomi’s new Android phone were gone in India before many even had a chance to click.

Known as “China’s Apple,” Xiaomi sold all 40,000 units of its low-cost Redmi 1S within 4.2 seconds on Flipkart, an online marketplace that does business exclusively in India, according to Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi Global. 260 more words


I have been wondering how those pochard are getting on. I doubt they are as happy as a Dreamworks lemur. Following up the BBC report that the ducks’ habitat had been destroyed by “human activity, including deforestation and fishing” I found a… 729 more words


Study China Programme 2014 - Nanjing University

Day One/Two

Some what nervously, I travelled from Heathrow to Shanghai. I had prepared myself as much as possible not only in the run up to the trip but also by doing a Chinese Language module the previous semester and Understanding Modern China module at my university, Southampton but also by researching China and Nanjing as best I could. 2,618 more words