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Ce chin, ce jale

Check in, in scris nu prea merge, dar asta se citeste “ce chin” doar ca mie imi place sa spun “ce chin ce jale”. De ce? 158 more words

August 30th

So today I woke up with a face like a leper. Some how, my face has decided to become allergic to something and has reacted in a ghastly way! 46 more words

One A Day

To keep your chin up

To encourage someone to stay strong when he/she have to bear a difficult situation.

CATALAN  Anar amb el cap ben alt

SPANISH  Mantener la cabeza en alto

Parts Of The Body

Back from Vacation!

Hello again! It’s been a long, relaxing week on vacation, and even though I was pretty active all week (took the stairs, walking on the beach, swimming, sprints, shopping, etc.), my diet was DEFINITELY not in check, so this wasn’t the first vacation where I lost weight after all. 1,041 more words

Primal Blueprint

Make-up Contouring Map

And like I said a few days ago, as I make a part two to the highlight map, here is the contour map. 259 more words