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The effectiveness of Lice Products

Lice products on the market lose their effectiveness in 3 months as lice develop resistance. Our lice shampoo replicates the enzyme that the louse produces to crack it’s shell when it’s time for it to grow. 20 more words

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Lice seem to come back to life

We recently attended a head lice convention in Utah. We spent a week hearing lectures from leading authorities in the field, who have devoted their lives to studying parasites. 28 more words

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Omega-3s May Help Children Sleep Better

By Craig Weatherby, Fooduciary

Evidence continues to grow that diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids bring myriad benefits to children. Conversely, diets low in omega-3s seem to deter optimal child development and behavior control. 488 more words

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6 Signs Your Child May Need an Eye Exam

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! This is a terrific time to consider an eye exam for your little ones. Most children have eye assessments when they’re newborns and basic checks given by pediatricians as they grow. 526 more words

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Province to invest $400,000 a year into Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre

Ontario Children and Youth Services Minister Tracy MacCharles says the province will invest $400,000 a year into the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre to reduce wait times and improve services for children with special needs. 108 more words

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Charles Mason von Henner

A consummate medical professional, Dr. Charles von Henner has led a career that spans more than five decades and includes international consulting work on medicine, law and theology. 286 more words

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Information about lice

Lice that have been off the head more then 10 hours are not considered viable because they can’t reproduce.

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