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First Day

The boys have all gone back to school today, Dan is now in Year 5, Olly is in Year 3 (first year of Junior school) and Ben has started Reception which means he’s now in all day. 118 more words

What-Shall-We-Do-Today Mornings

I will be expanding my practice to
include MORNING appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
effective Thursday, September 18th.

For more than five and a half years, I haven’t had to rush out of the house, amidst the madness of a morning routine.   274 more words


The First Day of School

When I went to open house for elementary school with both of my boys last week, I may very well have been as excited as they were. 483 more words

Becoming Your Mom

Dear Lil’,

I cannot put into words the mix of emotions I’m feeling as your birthday comes closer and closer.

I’m beginning to accept the things I cannot control and allowing the fear of these things to subside. 215 more words

Remember When…

We were young and played games like Ring Around the Rosie.

We played London Bridge is Falling Down.

We played Hopscotch.

We played skipping games with the skipping rope. 25 more words


Unaccountable people are ruining the WORLD!

We live in a non-accountable society where fingers are getting pointed left, right and centre… I am constantly worried about losing an eye from all the finger pointing that takes place on a daily basis. 609 more words