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Sandy Bay Charity Fair at Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital

Since 1981, the annual Sandy Bay Charity Fair has been held at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay in Pokfulam. This year the Fair will be hald on 1 November. 358 more words

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What is Your Best Valentine's Day Story?

Valentine’s Day is more than just flowers and candy– and it certainly doesn’t have to be romantic either. Valentine’s Day is about love: whether this is sibling love, parent-child love, or the love of friendship. 442 more words


Parents Are Like A Tree

When you cut down a tree, all its branches immediately whither. Conversely, when a tree is watered at the roots, its branches stand strong and healthy. 90 more words



Rainy summer days. Patiently waiting to be able to go out and stomp in the puddles.



I Don't Remember

So ever since Gizmo was born last September I often find myself daydreaming about how I can’t remember when Stinks was this small. I try so hard to recall what his favorite activities were or what his favorite foods were when he was 11 months old but it seems my memory is about as sharp as the scissors I just bought Stinks for school (don’t worry they’re the safe ones). 884 more words


Off On Another Adventure: Sending Your Child Overseas

Once again, we found ourselves at Terminal 4, in the evening hustle and bustle of international departures at JFK.  Another year, and another trip our daughter was taking to study abroad, this time heading into a war-torn conflict zone. 244 more words