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Our Homesteading Journey (what we have learned, what we still need to learn!)

We always called this our practice farm.  The place we would learn valuable homesteading skills while still living in town so that when our homestead came forth we would know a great deal before diving in head first into a cold winter with a wood stove. 683 more words


My Little Helper

Do you remember Miss Prissy?

She was a rescue chick. I raised her in the house, fed her by hand and she is spoiled rotten. I tried to mix her in with my flock, but they are all much bigger than her.  242 more words

Bring on the blossom

Wet, cloudy, windy … perfect spring weather! I knew I should have escaped the office on Friday and got out into the garden when the sun was shining. 670 more words


New Chickens... New Predators

My new pullets!! I think that their grayish blue feathers are beautiful. They are a cross between an Easter Egger and a Barred Rock.

With new additions comes new lose. 66 more words


One Box, Two Hens

We have a variety of places for our chickens to lay but, being chickens, there is only one place they are willing to lay. Which creates a problem if you have 2 chickens who get the urge at the same time. 332 more words


Pinecone Pond

A lovely new B&B recently opened in beautiful Dummerston Vermont and run by a wonderful family has purchased quite a few paintings and prints recently. If I didn’t live so close I would want to stay there.  29 more words