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Quick Trip to Beantown

I spent this past weekend visiting family in Boston, one of my favorite cities. Although I had to deal with the heckling of a 10 and 12 year old informing me “You don’t look 20, you look like a short 17 year old” (I’m 22 by the way…), it was overall a good trip. 364 more words


Alas! Couldn’t go to the concert due to some unavoidable circumstances. It weighed heavily on my mind. Just poured down my ‘ hearty wish’ on this canvas. Cheers people!

Secured Sun Rays

Today i just got back from my vacations. It was absolutely fabulous and unforgettable. Sicilian and Greek islands was very generous for the hot weather, warm sea and lot of sun rays. 189 more words

Drizzle, Spread & Sprinkle

Hi There!

Today I want to share with you three things that will become essential to you when trying to get creative at home. Sometimes we have so much to take care of when we are having people over (or we are busy drinking our wine)  that we forget the options we have. 439 more words


If Full House Comes Back, These Five Classic Sitcoms Should Come Back Too

Hey have you heard, the classic TV sitcom Full House could be coming back to TV, with new episodes and the original cast!  Right now, you can enjoy Full House repeats on networks like Nick At Nite, which enjoys some great ratings.   461 more words

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The World At Our Feet - Thank You Mr. Covey!

Bob Covey was determined. At first we were reluclant, but eventually he charmed us with drinks at a pub in Banff and the interview was only going to be half an hour.   70 more words