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My Favorite Airing TV Shows

This will be a short post since I don’t watch television as much as I used to. I should be studying for my biology test that takes places tomorrow, but I’d rather take the time to write about my favorite TV shows instead.  495 more words


Raise Your Glass

I have been busy.

I know with Lou in school, I should have more time but somehow I think there are less hours in the day. 439 more words

My Rant...

I’m going to skip all the basic bullshit.  I am who I am and no one needs to know or even cares how I got there. 412 more words

Live Blog: I’m Breaking Up With My Cheating Boyfriend Via Text Right Now, Here Are Photos Of The Conversation

Typically I’m not the type to air out my dirty laundry but I find scumbags worthy of being publicly shamed. I’ve been feeling suspicious for quite some time now, and hours ago while doing a little bit of digging, my concerns were justified. 1,213 more words

Second chance

I gave in and called him on my lunch break yesterday. I had so many question mostly I’d like to know why every man I’m with seems to need other women in their lives too. 379 more words

Chess Skunks (aka Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)

This last post in our chess animal series covers the most reprehensible of creatures, the chess skunk (aka cheaters). In fact, fears about cheating have become more prevalent than ever. 761 more words


Stay classy Anaheim ... Karma can be a bitch!

Check this out … it pretty much speaks for itself … SMH. (below the pic is an actual tweet from the Angels)

Actual Tweet from the @Angels Official Twitter account: 40 more words