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My Warranted Outburst

From what I have been hearing and witnessing of late about girls and marriage, I am forced to ask myself if girls are even considered as natural and self-evident identities. 1,043 more words

Random Musings

If You're Not a Feminist, You're Just An A-Hole: The Epidemic of Catcalling

When my girlfriend and I parked the car, some guys across the way made kissing sounds at her as I checked the meter out of earshot. 2,776 more words




Once I said “I’ve had enough,
No more love for me!’
Found myself a perfect girl
Who found herself in me. 220 more words

Sherif N' the Bedouins

Five years ago in a Qatari public school, I was walking into my first class of middle school. New building, new teachers, new system, but the same students I was raised with. 618 more words

Difference of Perception : What is and what should be!

Career and Home Management

 Chauvinism: Men are supposed to earn money and food which is a superior job than women cooking food and feeding the family.

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The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change criticism. The show is hitting really sour notes at its end

The first time I was watching Legend of Korra Book One I was really thrilled. A female, muscular, taller probably kick-ass avatar — yeah that’s cool! 3,297 more words


Opposite of Male Chauvinism is....

Definitely not FEMINISM in the present sense!!! (by which I mean, the sense that some people are potraying in a false manner)

Ok to start with for all those who have their own definition for Feminism.. 576 more words

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