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When In Doubt, DENY!

Nothing better than a kid who figures out early on, ESPECIALLY if there’s another sibling involved that the best route to take when something goes wrong with anything is, “Hey, it wasn’t me.” 82 more words


This CAN'T Be Real Can It?

We are junkies for those “As Seen On TV” products.  The Giant Cupcake and The Snuggie are just a couple of these that when we first saw the commercial we said, “This can’t be real, can it?” 66 more words


Daughters And Selfies

There are many reasons why we thank God every day that he blessed us with a boy and not a girl. Among the biggest at this point in his life is DEFINITELY the lack of drama that seems to swirl around 12-13 year-old boys. 156 more words


The Most Hated Word In The English Language

OMG!  I (Charlie) no longer feel alone.

My LEAST favorite word in the English language is, “moist.”  In fact, I famously banned it from the show about 8 years ago. 124 more words


GoPro...In The Kitchen?!

Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m kind of a GoPro video junkie. All the cliff diving, sky diving, bungee jumping…I can’t get enough of those videos.

The POV is a way to experience something that I have NO guts left to try. 73 more words


Wanna Pee In The Ocean? Go Ahead!

Admit it, you’ve peed in the ocean.

No, don’t try to tell us otherwise, you’re lying. It’s a rite of passage when going to the beach. 192 more words


Where MTV Wanna Be(s) From The 80s End Up

Talking with some friends yesterday about the VMAs on MTV the discussion wound its way back to the days when MTV actually PLAYED VIDEOS!

The heyday of MTV was when we were going through middle school and high school in the 80s.   63 more words