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The True Story

In my relentless quest for knowledge, I came upon a shocking discovery that shattered basic truths of my childhood.

I offer you the truth about  Cinderella. 792 more words


"They're not dropped stitches. It's a random lace pattern."

Simplia was defending the scarf she had just taken off her knitting needles.

Random lace pattern, indeed. Those holes were not part of the creator’s design. 769 more words

Fairy Tales

10 Disney Movies With Horrific Origins

As many people know by now, some of Disney’s much loved animated musicals, beloved and enjoyed by so many happy little children for the past eighty years, have truly horrific origins involving rape, cannibalism, torture and other very nasty happenings. 3,495 more words

Weird Stuff

The Text and the Textile: Answering "Why Vintage?" through Literary History

Ovid’s Metamorphoses tells the tale of Tereus, Procne and Philomela, and it is arguably the first narrative nod to those blurry borderlands between the text and the textile.   1,035 more words