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To Serve Them All My Days, by R. F. Delderfield

Over the past few years, I have spent a lot of time reading both fiction and nonfiction set in the early 20th century, from just prior to WW I and the years immediately following the war up to the start of WW II. 442 more words


Robin's adoption and the uncle situation

Tim Drake came from a rare origin story in which both his parents were alive when he took over the Robin identity.  And then they weren’t.   583 more words


Into Darkness

*Inserts spoiler warning.* You might not want to read this until you’ve seen Into the Dalek.

“Am I a good man?”

An intriguing question indeed, posed by the Doctor in this week’s beyond brilliant episode. 369 more words


Cast of Characters

Here is the potential cast list, at least as a starting point. Each story will need at least two characters. Once a series is done, the cast will (potentially) be refreshed. 257 more words

When Camera Crews Go Renegade

So we’ve definitely settled on the fact that the new posters are cool. Not perfect, but pretty damn cool. Still, there’s one isty-bitsy teeny-weeny fairly obvious detail that is driving us crazy… 457 more words


Interview with L. Blankenship- Disciple V

As followers of the Independent Bookworm may know, we occasionally snare an unsuspecting indie author, luring them to the unspeakable horrors of our donjon for interrogation. 1,135 more words

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