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Generation Two: Chapter Three, Part Two

So, its only been a month since the last update, I apologize. I was working on it, and then I got frustrated and switched to sims 2 for a while. 3,570 more words

Berry Sweet Sims

Chapter Three - The Responsibilities of Leadership

Chapter 3 Instalment 2

A whimper and unexpected movement caught in the corner of his eye interrupted Jones’ next verbal attack.  A figure in the darkened corner behind Morgan was doing his best to push his wheelchair further back into the unyielding wall. 1,357 more words

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The lights seemed to call his name and jolt him from the slumber he’d just found himself in thirty minutes prior. Claudia had offered to take over navigating them from the steering wheel as they hit Pennsylvania, citing her vast knowledge of the back roads she would take whenever she visited New York in her yesteryears. 2,009 more words


Chapter Three - At The Blackwood

Chapter Three Instalment 1

Mitchelton was the ravaged victim of the economic battlefield that was the city of Brisbane.  Prosperity had long retreated from this suburb as the limping cripple of the war when officials were paid to look the other way.  994 more words

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I am happy to announce that my new website is up! The address is chapter3min.org. My next few posts will be posted here and on my new website. 99 more words

Chapter Three

Chapter 3: On the right track, fall off, get back on.

When I woke on the beach in the morning, it wasn’t as beautiful a sunrise as the time before. Still, the soft sand was a lot easier to sleep on than the hard ground or the hard floor wherever I could find a quiet place to sleep. 2,415 more words

Chapter Three

New Website Coming Soon

As predicted in my last ministry update, my writing has slowed down this summer. There is something about these warm, sunny, homeschool free days that encourages a slower pace. 443 more words

Chapter Three