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We obtain the concept, as we do the form, by overlooking what is individual and actual; whereas nature is acquainted with no forms and no concepts, and likewise no species, but only with an X which remains inaccessible and undefinable for us.

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Do The Thing

Happy Labor Day. It doesn’t mean a day off for me, as writing must get done, and writing is good work. First, I had a couple of weird dreams that stayed with me, so I’ve been writing them out. 235 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

Keys to the Bus

It’s official! I picked up the keys to my school bus this morning. Yeah! It has been a bit chaotic, of course, as the bus company changed and cancelled routes. 357 more words


Words and what they mean

It is an interesting hypothesis that once all humans spoke the same language.  Or that at least all languages derived from one prehistoric mother tongue. 610 more words


On the verge of letting go a liking ever lost

It still bleeds.
My little heart.
In the little room I reserved for you
there is total chaos and absolute mayhem

It still bleeds,
my angry heart. 115 more words

Passers By

Just as Chaotic as ever?

Some time after I felt a sense of harmony and structure, I started to think about if I would revel in Chaos even more in the future. 294 more words

My Self

First Load

When you are reading this I am on my way to our new house with the first load of stuff. I have been completely hating my life this past week. 104 more words

My Adventure