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Why I write

I have always felt that words are very powerful. I could always learn much more from a quote or a saying than an instructed lesson. I learnt at an early age, I think, that words could influence and inspire. 202 more words

Mystical Musings

SaLuSa 29 August 2014.

Every Friday, Mike Quincey sends out another message from a Sirian envoy, SaLuSa. For me, the neat and engaging thing about SaLuSa are his messages. One hundred percent of Messages from SaLuSa have been filled with LOVE for humanity! 1,202 more words

The Bhirlach Project - Book 12, The Alliance

Chalans destiny is realised, but her journey is not over. The future begins here.

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The Bhirlach Project - Book 11, Legacy

Chalan takes control of her destiny, a decision that will forever change her path. The Cerilus Project progresses, as a long forgotten Ancient race emerges from the shadows. 8 more words


The Bhirlach Project - Book 10, Let Battle Commence

Chalan encounters ‘The Dark Force’, a terrifying race of BioMechs. The battle commences, but who is fighting who, and what truth lies behind ‘The Dark Force’.

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The Bhirlach Project - Book 9, Bhirlach, Peraxha & Destiny

As Parsicus’ role on Earth is revealed, a pre-emptive strike is organized. The project moves to Earth as Chalan discovers more about the underground bases. Chalan turns traitor, an old adversary emerges and the battle moves out into the universe.

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Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation

Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation by Solara An-Ra


I highly recommend this meditation if you wish to experience feelings of unity and oneness with others and a general sense of inner strength and consequential peace. 105 more words