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How are you going to go out?

The Secret Of Life.

This short little video above is about life, but instead, it really made me think about death.  As a young child I had an abnormal fear of death.  542 more words

Life Lessons

When what is, is enough.

How often do we talk about something we are really happy about and then in the same breath we complain about something else?  How often do our wheels spin on all our problems and “To do” lists instead of what is going great?  432 more words

Life Lessons

I picked my challenge out of a hat-it seems as if the poll was a nerdy idea.

Say, "Hello!"

I am really trying to always treat people as if they are already my friend.  It is amazing how many people you can light up. 36 more words

Want To Share

Walking Like Sasquatch

I wrote the following Guest Post for the blog, Lessons from the end of a marriage.  Please be sure to check out Lisa’s amazing journey and wise insights into marriage and divorce.  577 more words

Life Lessons

my quarter-life crisis is upon me.

Hi! My name is Courtney and I have no idea what I want out of my life.

6 months ago I left all that I knew in the midwest-family, friends, career and pet rabbit-to start a new life on the west coast. 311 more words