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Friends ended, and I don't know what to do with my life anymore

That was my first thought. When I started watching the final season of Friends, I could feel the close coming closer. And I wasn’t thrilled. 557 more words

Thoughts Uncut

Friendship Quotes # 4

Quote by Chandler (Played by Matthew Perry) from the 4th Season of ‘Friends’ within the 8th episode ‘The one with Chandler’.


Friends 20th anniversary: You can still visit the Central Perk coffee shop

Still in denial that not only is Friends over, the 20th anniversary of when the show originally began is fast approaching? This should Perk you right up. 182 more words


Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

There’s nothing worse than getting the boot(no point in sugar coating it) but what happens on the flip side?

Breaking up with someone isn’t an easy feat. 1,176 more words


Silver Lining?

I *may* have found a job.

I’m so excited about this I’m tempted to go all “Lord of the Dance” on you, and have my limbs flail about as if independent from my body. 171 more words


Could this blog BE any Friendlier?

If I haven’t told you already, I am obsessed with the ’90’s. Everything about it from the music, the tie-dye, the movies, the white Keds… it was probably the best era ever. 863 more words

Welcome to Sweden

The summer after eighth grade, I took a Greyhound bus to Québec City with my French class, stayed in the Château Frontenac, and, along with my best friend, ate as many stuffed crêpes as I possibly could.   1,088 more words