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Chân ái vô hối: Chương 8

Chương 8

Ma Kết

Hồ ly to gan!!!

Ta sống cả nghìn năm nay, chưa ai dám to tiếng với ta, đương nhiên là ngoại trừ Nữ Oa nương nương, Thiên Đế, Thiên Mẫu, …….. 1,653 more words

Truyện Sáng Tác

Jackie Chan Expresses Shame, Shock & Heartbreak after His Son Was Arrested for Drugs


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Lại một ngày nữa chịu đựng sự giận dỗi vô cớ của em.

Don't Put Your Success in the Hands of Another Man!!!

If you are waiting for someone to come along and hand you success, you’ll wait forever. Please don’t misunderstand my meaning about success. I define success as being able to make someone else’s life better because you, in some way, made a positive impact in it. 457 more words


Presenting the ChanStalker

Inspired by Commie Subs, dedicated to denpa, motivated by Voldenet and wrote by Gaen tabaha me.

The concept is simple: searches all the threads in the first page for a group of words and reports back with links to the posts that contain it. 112 more words


A Finger Pointing.....

Earth & Heaven

Qigong & Zen

Ordinary & Non-Ordinary

Form & Emptiness

Upward Flow & Downward Flow

Taiji & Wuji

Kundalini & Samadhi

10,000 things & Dao… 25 more words


My Oxygen 2014 Notes

Last week I was at the Oxygen Conference. I took a lot of notes! Here they are, for your delectation. You can listen to the plenary sessions for free  378 more words