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Saint Germain - Understanding Re-embodiment

This is a channeling from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain about reincarnation and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. He explains what must be done to avoid reincarnation. 234 more words

Arch Angels

About Chakras


The chakras relate to the quality of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Why am I unwell and how can I heal?

Chakras are energy centers and part of the energy body.  202 more words


The Edge

I can’t say that I have been to the edge. I’ve been close and I have seen it, but I have not let my foot dangle, or thought about taking the next step. 56 more words

Dans Chaos

chakra sounds

I am very pleased to have found this, a so-called seven-minute chakra tune-up video. Of course i’m skeptical of anything with too many compound adjectives proclaiming to help you achieve anything in something like seven minutes, but the clarity of outlining the vowel sounds is something i’ve been wanting to find for sometime.


Lunar Meditation II (New Moon)

In the darkest hour of night
A single flame is burning.
A fire known by many names:

Evenstar, first to greet the darkness;
Dawnstar… 78 more words

Original Work

Color altar challenge

Build + transform your sacred space into a colorful spiritual vehicle by mastering the legendary energies of the rainbow for the next 7 weeks.

Rainbow color energy is a powerful and cohesive spectrum of balance, joy and prosperity. 826 more words


The Beauty In Stones

As I was passing through a nearby boutique, look what I found! A beautiful Labradorite pendant.
IG you have some sense of familiarity with chakras and healing stones, this should hopefully ring a bell for you. 74 more words