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A Common Core Branding Problem or Implementation Problem?

With current actions having the governor of Louisiana filing suit against the Federal government over the Common Core State Standards and poll after poll showing new data on public perceptions regarding the standards themselves, the name Common Core, and just about everything else related to CCSS, it is no wonder that we aren’t quite sure what to make of it. 482 more words


The same poo-poo in new bags.

When Common Core State Standards (tests, texts and all) are given new CCSS “aligned” coverings by the state, does it matter?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott played the “save us from big government control” game even as the newly branded state education standards, texts, programs, tests, grading, etc, remain Common Core “aligned.” The name was changed from FCAT to FSA. 326 more words

Bobby Jindal Sues U.S. Dept. of Education Over Common Core

The Common Core State Standard for our schools is here.  While on the surface a minimum standard that a students should seem to be able to live up to seems like a good idea, there is a deeper problem when you look more closely.   54 more words


Wow! Gates, PBS, Parents, Teachers, CCSS, etc. - Interactive Graphic Journalism

The most fascinating graphic journalism about the immense power and money behind Corporate Education Reform, CCSS, high stakes testing, media information control, etc. is created by Adam Bessie and his associates. 226 more words

Curriculum Analytics Are Here!

We released our brand new analytics feature this week and we have to admit: it’s a pretty big deal. UClass is exploring new horizons and shaping a new standard for improving instruction. 126 more words


Document Based Questions—Support and Materials

Many of you may already be using Document Based Questions in your 6th grade classroom but if you are not, it is an excellent resource to consider. 103 more words


Sounding my barbaric yawp

Today, I get to present to my staff about the CCSS for reading. There will be grumbles as I sound my barbaric yawp about best teaching practices in reading. 184 more words