I need to create for the sake of creating; not for anyone else but me. Sure, I can cast stuff out there for the world to see, but I should not cast simply for the sake of catching others’ validation. 261 more words



have you ever

loved with all your heart,

and lost your mind?

spattered your hands


in the dark

to find

mossy walls

wet with thought… 102 more words

Grief: Ha.

I plunged a 9″ chef’s knife into a watermelon just now and cut a bunch of quarter slices. I’ve had the melon on the counter for about five days and completely forgot about it and the fresh pineapple I bought over our family birthday-Labor Day-Mimi’s death-anniversary weekend. 1,921 more words


The Joys of Drumming

At the beginning of this year, I decided to widen my musical horizons beyond the bare-bones mandatory 3rd and 4th grade recorder lessons at my elementary school and pick up an instrument. 573 more words



slip my hand inside my pocket

draw a pen onto the page

segregate my hate from my emotions maybe

and spit it right out onto my monitor enraged… 29 more words

Nothing To Measure - why pain and creativity mix so damn well

The theme of the next Meow Kacha is pain. I’ve had in mind for at least two years, since I met with two professors (one of Social Sciences and one of Pain itself) who wrote a paper on the subject – the disparities and parallels between mental and physical suffering. 746 more words

She, Footnote

I finished She with Episode 5. The plan was to maybe write six episodes but, looking at where the story took me, I felt like it had reached a satisfactory conclusion. 110 more words