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Q. 107. What is the Lord’s Supper?

A. The Lord’s Supper is a holy ordinance, wherein, by giving and receiving bread and wine, according to Christ’s appointment, His death is showed forth, and the worthy receivers are, not after a corporeal and carnal manner, but by faith, made partakers of His body and blood, with all His benefits, to their spiritual nourishment, and growth in grace. 142 more words


In Honour of the Most Holy Mother of God

The Elevation of the Bread in Honour of the Most Holy Mother of God

by St Maximos the Greek

The Only-Begotten Son and Word of God, who became a human person for us (though He was sinless), voluntarily underwent the crucifixion, death and burial so that our human nature, which the father of evil had caused to be cast out of paradise in olden times, could be elevated. 1,146 more words


Catechism 34

Since we are redeemed by grace alone, through Christ alone, must we still do good works and obey God’s Word?
Yes, because Christ, having redeemed us by his blood, also renews us by his Spirit; so that our lives may show love and gratitude to God; so that we may be assured of our faith by the fruits; and so that by our godly behavior others may be won to Christ. 85 more words


Frenetic Friday

So here it is once again Friday and another frenetic post coming at you at the speed of hunt and peck.

  • So have you heard of the sailing stones of Death Valley? 
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What is regulated by the 7th Commandment: You shall not steal? // Why is there no absolute right to private property?

What is regulated by the Seventh Commandment: “You shall not steal” (Ex20:15)?

The Seventh Commandment not only forbids taking something away from another person, it also requires the just management and distribution of the earth’s goods; it regulates the question of private property and the distribution of the proceeds from human work. 225 more words


Catechism 33

Should those who have faith in Christ seek their salvation through their own works, or anywhere else?

No, they should not, as everything necessary to salvation is found in Christ. 120 more words


What is adultery? Is divorce the appropriate response? // Why is "marriage without the certificate" missing something?

What is adultery? Is divorce the appropriate response?

Adultery is committed when two people, at least one of whom is married to someone else, have sexual relations. 441 more words