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Haiku #146

She climbs up

ready to share the weight

shoulder cat

American Haiku

To let the cat out of the bag

When you say by accident something that was a surprise or a secret.  

CATALAN  Anar-se’n de la llengua

SPANISH  Irse de la lengua


Blind Sighted Feline -Day of Learning

Two Paws Up! Wow! When you ask questions to other blind cat owners you can learn some tricks of the trade that make your world so much better. 286 more words

All cats are grey in the dark

In the dark, everything is confused and the appearance isn’t important.

CATALAN  De nit tots els gats són negres

SPANISH  De noche todos los gatos son pardos


A cat in gloves catches no mice

There are times that if you are quiet and polite, you do not get what you want, so in some occasions you need to be, for example, greedy and selfish. 16 more words