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A hissy fit

I’ve not felt very happy for the past few days. Mum suspected there was something not quite right when I stayed in all Saturday night, and slept in… 283 more words

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Ancient monuments of India

India has a lot of ancient monuments this is obviously one of the best according to the Archaeological Survey of India, do you suppose that is because toilets in India are so few and far between? 347 more words

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It's That Time Again!


Everyone knows me well enough to know that I really, truly do enjoy a bit of bacon on a Saturday morning.  Not that I would refuse it if offered on another day of course but my parents ALWAYS, ALWAYS have breakfast on the weekend whereas it’s “hit or miss” during the week.   174 more words

Ginger Tabby Cat

Feline Friends Friday: Tiger and Snowboots

This Friday we are featuring brothers Tiger and Snowboots of the adorable blog Catbook – a Facebook for Cats! Read below for a summary of their personalities by their mom Emma, and check out their site for more cat pics and stories. 152 more words

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Kattface Thursday

Poor Katt Monsen, every time a suitcase comes out he gets all sad and thinks he will be left behind forever. Luckily for him this time David is staying at home, but here he is sitting on the suitcase again hoping we wont go anywhere, or that we take him with us.

Angry Duck