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So last night I turned around and Rhea was sprawled out on this little carpet.

Full size belly shot!

And today Davout was doing the same thing… 19 more words


Purring - Why do they make this strange noise?

Back when I was taking biology classes, I was told that no one really knew how cats produced their purr.  A quick look at what is on the internet has convinced me that this statement holds true today.   313 more words

Cat Behavior

Paper Cover

What’s the toy for today?

Davout is showing off his evil genius curled face whiskers…

Help!  I’m drowning in my own fluff!! 70 more words


Magic Wand

The wand toy has magic powers.  It can lure the kittens from whatever corner of the house they are right to you.

And instead of minding their own business the kittens clomp right on top of you looking… 39 more words


Sinister Kitten

Rhea was minding her own business one night….

When she got a creepy feeling like…she was being watched!

<insert sinister music here> 66 more words



I am healthy! Mama is beyond happy!