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Weekly Oracle for 8/31/2014 to 9/6/2014

This week’s oracle comes to us with a message of productivity, perception, and measuring our progress.

The first card is of a seamstress, manipulating the strings of thread as she sows a rainbow of intention.There is no indication of the sowing machine having ever stopped; each string lends its own uniqueness, it’s own influence, it’s own strengths (and weaknesses too) to the greater whole, the final product. 537 more words


The Journey So Far

Our Fool has completed the fist part of his journey. No longer is he the same naïve young man he was when he left home. Now, he is older and wiser, gifted with the advice and counsel of the many people he has met and who helped him along on his way. 884 more words


Daily Card For 8/30/2014: 2 of Cups

Today’s card is the 2 of Cups. Here we have a what looks like a soldier returning from the front lines and is casually flirting with a woman. 288 more words


Daily Card For 8/29/2014: 6 of Pentacles

Today’s card comes to us from the Deviant Moon deck by Patrick Valencia. In the iamge, we see two figures: one in green reaching upward and one in red holding six large pentacles. 430 more words


7 De Batons, Roy De Coupes, 2 De Deniers

Sit down and feel the infinite possibilities that can stem from your skill. Do not fall into the trap of solidifying yourself with the past. Living in the past will not allow you to progress for the future. 265 more words