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Making Choices

We all make choices, all day and every day. There are the little choices like what to wear, what to eat, where to shop. But what about the bigger choices such as buying a new car, moving house, taking a holiday and many other big choices. 241 more words

How do you reason with somebody who has dementia?

When the Community Matron visited mum she made a few suggestions and recommendations, one of which was to provide a hospital bed. Mum eventually agreed and said bed was delivered this week. 693 more words


When you hear the ding, please answer promptly

My wonderful daughter brought home a most thoughtful gift, a bell. Not just any bell, the kind stores have on their counter to ignore no matter how many times you hit it. 239 more words


Life - A mixture of memories and scars

The thing that makes us human is that we care. We feel, we care and we express it. You can pretend all you want that you don’t give a fuck but admit it or not, you do care. 443 more words


Views on Love

I just reread the post I wrote about love about two years ago and I realized that, as we grow and continue to learn new information, our views about things somehow change. 348 more words


Hey You! The One With The "Error" Message...I Got Something For You!

What catches your eye when you read a blog/article? What makes an article readable to you? Why is that article worth your time?

What will get me to read your blog and/or article? 316 more words


Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance

I have publish a new eBook called Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance.

Short Description:
Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance is a short teaching on the situation and emotions that confront many new and expectant parents. 210 more words