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I'm Enrolled!

I decided to register for JOUR 250, on Monday and Wednesday at, get this, 3-4:15pm! Since I missed Wednesday’s class because I signed up last night, I decided to go in to today’s class (which was the section I really wanted) so I didn’t miss anything my first week. 92 more words


The Rules of Civility

In an era of seemingly uncivil people (cue any Real Housewives franchise slap fest), I recently stumbled upon Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts That Guided Our First President in War and Peace… 511 more words


If Someone Was Murdered, Raped, or Kidnapped by an Uber Driver or Task Rabbiter What Would Happen To Their Brand?


What if a 25 year old woman takes an Uber car home from a party this weekend and gets murdered by the driver?

Or, imagine that a pretty college girl hires someone from Task Rabbit to do her laundry and the guy comes back a week later and kidnaps her. 207 more words


The Career Girl's Survival Guide

This week, I hit the six month mark at my new job. Which also happens to be my first career job. Which also happens to be the first time I have ever worked an 8 to 5 schedule for longer than a summer break. 786 more words


Where will your job be tomorrow?

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. – Oscar Wilde

Globalisation, off-shoring, outsourcing, right-sizing, machines replacing me. Sorry, Mr Wilde, thinking about this doesn’t make me love my job, but more fearful.  613 more words

Personal Change

6 Tips to Become An IAS officer

IAS officer the designated name of the post inspires awe among any young Indian aspirant willing to start his/her career with a boom. Indian Administrative Service is the administrative of civil services in India. 27 more words


Be your own underdog

How dedicated are you to your goals? Would you have pushed through and fought on or given up?

Shared from: http://www.endlesshumanpotential.com/sylvester-stallone-story.html

The Sylvester Stallone story is a true rags to riches tale. 1,092 more words