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Another One Shot...

Hola my lovelies! It’s a semi gorgeous day here…if you’re inside. Otherwise you’ll feel like your skin will blister off in the disgusting humid heat of the underside of Satan’s balls. 186 more words

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Once Upon A Time

I always seem to get through a fair amount of TV series in the summer. For example last summer I watched: Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries front and back until I was completely caught up and have followed them both a year on. 506 more words

Humpday Hotness

Hallo, my lovely pirate wenches! I’m in a mood-forgive me. Here is the obligatory Colin/Hooker Porn that I neglected to bring you last week…seriously some of these weeks just kinda sneak by me. 216 more words

Captain Hook

Ship's port of origin

Shipping. If you’re on the Internet – particularly Tumblr – you know it. You have probably fought with friends over it. You might have started to hate a favorite series because of it. 351 more words


And because I'm impatient...

…y’all get another chapter, albeit an extremely short one. No intro-I’m tired.

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 6: Right There

Happy reading!!!

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Ship That

I do not normally follow the trends when it comes to TV series. I have never cared for Dr. Who, or Sherlock, or similar shows. However, there are a couple I do look forward to, and my greatest weakness among them is ABC’s Once Upon a Time. 58 more words

Swan's are Blushing now?!?

You heard right! There’s another installment of the Blushing Swan, not to be confused with the Blushing Swashbuckler. :P

This particular gem (and oh boy, is it a gem!) is actually a guest chapter by none other than my beta extraordinaire… 129 more words

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