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Prolegomena on Human Rights and Responsibilities

Waking early after yesterday’s flight to Port of Spain, and sitting above the Gulf of Paria, watching the swallows sweeping past my window, has given me time to reflect on something I have been meaning to write for ages.  3,799 more words


Skull caves/Milne Bay/PNG - August 2014

Skulls and bones and wicked stuff here and there in caves. As tales tell these caves have been inhabited by different clans, that only left them during night time to go out and hunt and look for food. 41 more words


Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen

Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen (1834-1918) is almost a mystical personality in the christian Batak countries of north Sumatra. Nommensen came in 1862 to the then ‘Dutch East Indies’ to mission the Batak People in the area around Lake Toba in Sumatra. 198 more words

Latest Of Asienreisender




When I was in secondary school, I am proud to say I know the Capitals of all Nations, I know where each nation is located on the face of the earth, and I know their currencies, most of their languages and their culture ( well at least their national costumes coz i love drawing them).  137 more words


Convos With Cleverbot: Cake Solves Everything.

This week on Conversations with Cleverbot: bachelorette parties, tragic backstories, and empty calories. 391 more words

Maximum Randomosity

Wrong Turn 6 - Review

Rumsey’s FrightFest correspondent Christian Robshaw reflects on Wrong Turn 6

Wrong Turn is the longest-running ongoing horror franchise, a fact that probably says more about horror franchises today than it does about… 527 more words


Pass the salt

This is the second of the Why!-it’s-the-fourth-Thursday-of-the-month-and-therefore-the-story-will-be-a-little-reflection-about-a-possible-little-known-fact-of-history.

In the 1960s I remember talking to an old man. When he was young, he had been a taxi driver in Fiji. 32 more words