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This post isn't really about the birds... it's about the camera that took the picture of the birds... sort of...

We went to visit my wife’s aunt and uncle this weekend… you know, they are the ones who own the dog that is best friends with our dog… and I took some pictures of some woodpeckers. 218 more words


On Police Body Cameras

There is a lot of commentary and discussion coming from the Ferguson MO story that revolves around the idea that Police Officers should be required to wear body cameras while on duty. 677 more words


Good Morning, Sunshine

Blinds in the master bath which looks east, greeting the strong Vegas sun each morning.


General Motors Reportedly Launching Cars That Detect Distracted Driving

For years, laws have been put into place to discourage distracted driving: no texting while driving, no talking on the phone while driving, the list goes on. 359 more words

Back to School: Watch your kids arrive home from school (and make the home ready for them)

In honor of the new school year, we’re running a series about how Staples Connect can solve your back-to-school needs. Today, we’ll see how Staples Connect can help you see your kids arriving home after school. 478 more words

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Shades of Gray from Grayson Co, TX #818 – WHAT, CAMERAS?

Same building as yesterday, just a flip side.

I don’t know if this is graffiti, a notice or a warning.

Read what you will…..monos en theos…†…jim