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20 Questions

A sermon based on Psalm 105:1-6 and Exodus 3:1-15 preached on August 31st, 2014.

Sermon audio

 I’m here.

The first two words Moses speaks to this new mysterious presence that has appeared in front of him. 

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Last Phone Call

White walls all around me, and an empty tray at my feet.
My orange jumpsuit shredded from many attempts of self harm.
She feels cornered and is fighting like a wild animal, my insides burn, my head pounds; but most of all my heart is crying out. 663 more words


On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Video Door Unit, Shiny Brass

Save $ 10 order now On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Video Door Unit, Shiny Brass at Best Home Security Systems store. Daily updated home security systems reviews and find the best rated home security systems consumer reports on Ebay, Amazon. 13 more words

Harsh Reality, Meet Hope of the World

“Christians should be outraged!”

Have you heard this lately?  There seems to be no end to the things that we are expected to be outraged about.  1,628 more words

European Language Teachers’ beliefs on Intercultural Communicative Competence

Paper presented by Martine Derivry & Kristi Jauregi at the AILA World Congress 2014, held in Brisbane, 10-15 August 2014.


Based on a project financed by the European Commission called TILA (Telecollaboration for Intercultural Acquisition), running from January 2013 till June 2015, the objective of this presentation is to describe a set of embedded educational contexts, which are essential to be closely looked at when dealing with teaching beliefs and practices. 245 more words

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Phishing call: True Story

Friends, I got the below call yesterday.

Phone: Am I talking to Arpit Garg? a feminine voice enquired.

Me: Yes, speaking.

Phone: Sir, This is Rachna calling from ICICI bank. 449 more words

Real Incidents

Dancing in the Rain ... with our Sisters and God

“If we take it for granted that storms will come and that at various junctures in our lives we will experience real hardship, then we can prepare ourselves to endure what comes and be ready to bounce back at the first opportunity … Storms do not last forever and even in the worst storms there are interludes of respite that enable us to catch our breath and continue the struggle.” Michael Casey, … 142 more words