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Cake sprinkles and birthday mirth

I write this blog post amidst the greenery of a university campus, one which is my husband’s alma mater and where my sister works. Visiting her on a mini vacation and being overwhelmed with the desire to be a student again. 391 more words


Banana Coffee Cake

When I first came home to Indonesia for my first long winter break, I did not expect to feel like a weight has just been lifted off my shoulder when I saw my parents. 416 more words


Blackberry Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Last Thursday, I woke up extra early to make a batch of cupcakes as an anniversary surprise for John. It almost felt like a MasterChef… 479 more words


Banana Blueberry Upside Down Banana Cake

My lack of care for bananas when I was younger is so incomprehensible considering how much I love bananas now.

When my siblings and I used to play golf regularly, mom always nagged us on eating bananas, the supposed superior and practical fruit. 484 more words


In which we make Mocha Bundt Cake and some good memories

I was reading the other day (I forget where) the differences in making a ‘living’ and making a ‘life’. It resonated with me and hence stayed, and set me wondering about what makes a ‘life’. 566 more words