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Getting started on C++

Well if you are a year one computer science student, here are a few ways to get used to OOT (object oriented programming) through C++. 26 more words



I have had a lot of anger and distress from everything happening in my country. This is such an astute and ripe response to what has happened in the past month and past year! 143 more words

vCAC 6.0 Tenant Identity store disappearing

The combination SSO and vCAC 6.0, regardless whether the vCAC Identity Appliance is used, a VMware SSO appliance (as part of the vCenter appliance) or a vCenter SSO installation on Windows, results in a 90-day “time bomb”. 512 more words


C++ Workshop: Classes and Inheritance

This project was designed to cover C++ classes and the nature of inheritance. Its purpose was to refresh my understanding and practical implementation of the concepts. 1,364 more words


WinRT License API, Silverlight 8.1 apps and sideload detection #wpdev

Since early 2011, I have been using the method described here.
Recently I have been upgrading all my apps to target Windows Phone 8.1 API. 285 more words


Structure memory padding

#include <stdio.h>
struct structureA{
  char a;
  int b;
  short int c;
struct structureB{
  int a;
  short int b;
  char c;
int main(void) {
printf("Size of structureA = %d\n",sizeof(struct structureA));
printf("Size of structureB = %d\n",sizeof(struct structureB));
return 0;
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